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Summertime… and the reading is easy!

Welcome back, Fortress fans!  We have a bunch of new stuff available for your enjoyment!  

To start with, we have the newest addition of TV Gods: Summer Programming!  Just like with original TV Gods, this collection contains even more mash-ups of TV shows and pantheons.  Make sure to set up your DVRs!  It’s gonna be a crazy summer!

Also, we’ve added a link for Brian and Chris’s third novel, The Biggest Bounty, available through Fantastic Books.  The book tells the story of Zeus and Fiore, two intergalactic bounty hunters who are not very good at their jobs, but they’re trying!  Check it out on our page of “Other Goodness!”

Lastly, we’ve added some more conventions to our schedule.  Check out the Events page for more opportunities to throw things at Brian and Chris.

Oh, and the cyborg ninja zombie assassin Nazis front, we are still keep those suckers at bay.  Whew!

Until next time, happy reading!

  --- Christine, Fortress Lifeguard

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