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TV Gods

Your favorite TV shows done by the gods themselves! 

The great pantheons of the world run amok through eighteen tales of wonder and hilarity. Discover how the Egyptian gods use a night court for judging the souls of the dead. What will happen when an office of Greek gods gets downsized? Why are Norse gods on a space ship? There are stooges building a world! Deities on gameshows! Cerberus on a children's show! Stay tuned for these shows and more! 

No TV show is safe! 

TV Gods: Summer Programming

Your favorite TV shows done by the gods themselves! 

The heat of the summer has driven the gods of history to take refuge on the small screen. Once again we bring you the unholy juxtaposition of your favorite television shows overrun by your favorite pantheons. 


The White House's state of the nation address will never be the same when delivered by Brahma. The Greek castaways on a small island will have to make the best of things since their three-hour tour didn't go as planned. Can an unlikely partnership unravel a murder, or is the killing destined to become another X-Scroll? These eighteen tales will provide binge-worthy entertainment to help you beat the heat!

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The Drunken Comic Book Monkeys in Scary Tales of Scariness

Vampires! Werewolves! Zombies! Join The Drunken Comic Book Monkeys as they face down creepy creatures and monsters while they stumble their way through fifteen comedic tales of horror and suspense. 

They match wits with the devil! They go toe-to-toe with a slasher! They even fight a spider! Will they save the world? Or doom it? Or simply make monkeys out of themselves? Whatever their fate, whatever the outcome, they do it all without dropping a single beer...

"I wish I could party like these guys!"

     --- Atilla the Hun

The Drunken Comic Book Monkeys in Sciencey Tales of Science Fiction

Gravity! Centrifugal force! Boiling water! See these complex scientific phenomena confuse the Drunken Comic Book Monkeys as they traipse through twelve feature length science fiction stories. 

They argue with talking grapes! They confound mad scientists! They hang out with the invisible man! Watch as they wander around aimlessly through parodies of some of your favorite sci-fi classics. 

They get shrunken! They get cloned! They get shot to the moon! What will happen when they act as Earth's ambassadors to an alien life form? What will happen when they try to reach the center of the Earth? Whatever the outcome, hilarity, hijinks, and mayhem are bound to ensue!

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Scary Tales of Scariness: REFLUX Edition

Revamped! Redone! Reworked! REFLUX! Much like the day after binge drinking and hot-wing gorging, the Drunken Comic Book Monkeys are back! Rejoin the monkeys through seventeen stories of misguided mayhem, tackling baddies like a Mummy, Drunkenstein, and even themselves! 

Rehashed! Retold! Reloaded! REFLUX edition contains many of the beloved stories from the original edition of "Scary Tales of Scariness" as well as rewritten stories, new stories, and a look behind the scenes. Take a bite out of this book and feel the burn! 

"After reading this book, I've decided to follow my dreams of becoming a rodeo clown." 

     --- Friedrich Nietzsche

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Hammer & Blood: A Legacy of Devils novel

Cali and her friends go to a lake house for a week. While trying to find the right time to reveal her big news, she's learning that other people on the trip are keeping secrets. Why are the men always sneaking away? Who is the new girl friend of the group's drug supplier? Why couldn't the owner of the house come along this trip? The person in her life hiding the biggest secret of all is her father. 

He's a top notch assassin. 

His latest assignment leads him to a barn close to wear his daughter is vacationing. Curious about his latest target, he does some digging. Does his latest assignment have anything to do with the other assassins trying to kill him? 

And how does it all fit with the man wearing a bear's head and carrying a sledgehammer to terrorize Cali and her friends? 

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